What’s a solid kitchen without a few solid cookbooks??? I say: “INCOMPLETE!!” One of my favorite pastimes is ‘quality time’ with cookbooks which entails me perusing cookbooks, smiling at them, hugging them and adding them to my collection… all the while wondering if I have a problem. 😉 Well, maybe I do because I’m addicted to them, my pantry shelves overflow with them and I still look for every opportunity to acquire them. Sorry, not sorry. They’re just. So. THRILLING!! I have so much doggone fun snuggling up with a cookbook (while my toddler is napping, otherwise the snuggles are all for him) and plotting my next adventure with the new recipes I discover. I love them. I truly do. I also learn a heck of a lot from reading and experimenting with a wide variety of cookbooks and generally expand my creativity, abilities and overall culinary repertoire. . There are a few that favorites that I refer to when when I’m working with certain ingredients, trying to figure out a certain technique or when friends ask for suggestions to add to their collection.  Coming soon are reviews of some of my favorite cookbooks! Stay tuned!